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My friends, my brothers, my comrades... I hope you enjoy listening to a fruit of maturity that does not neglect the content and quality, whatever it is, and reflects all the details down to the smallest detail, with a mentality independent of the algorithms of the markets. Keep making spoons from the backbone of those who return from the common interest of the planet and humanity.... see you anywhere in the world... 50 Caliber is entrusted to you. FUAT.


“The Mercy of the Poor is Extortion, The Mercy of the Young is Rap” Islamic Force is the first Turkish rap group. The first steps of Turkish hip hop culture were taken. BOE-B is Bülent İpek. He is the teacher of many rappers today. For example; Killa Hakan, Gekko G, Sırtlan, Bektaş, Fuat Ergin are some of them.

Islamic Force is a hip-hop group. The group was founded in Berlin-Kreuzberg in 1986 by MC Boe B and Maxim. The first rap recordings of Islamic Force, the owner of the first Turkish rap recording, were in English. There were some changes in the 90s and Killa Hakan joined the group. They released the album Message in 1997. The group disbanded after Boe B.'s death.
Prominent DJs in the early periods are DJ Altuğ, DJ Ice Cube, DJ Mahmut, DJ Ergün, who have left countless works to Turkish Rap.


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Behind the Berlin Wall: Turkish Rap

These songs, which mainly talked about the problems, racism and discrimination, and were very popular, were spreading rapidly among the Turks.
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Anti-Heroes of Foreign Lands: Rapper Turks

In fact, it is necessary to take the story back a little further in order to understand the rap artists of Turkish origin who grew up in Germany and pioneered ...
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